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Table stripped style

User _MSTeam# 2012-09-04 21:17:50

When you see a module-list of plugin-list in Joomla, the background switches each line (white, light blue, white, livht blue, …)

The Listmanager is all white.

Is there any possibility that we can do the same type of background?

If you have a long or wide list, it’s easier for the viewer to read the line with info.

User _MSTeam# 2012-09-04 21:21:20

yes, the table is styled to separate even and odd lines, so if you place the right classes with your prefered background color you will get the stripped style required.

The stylesheet is located here:


and here are the classes to add, for even/odd lines and their last column attached.

.lm_trwhite .lm_td_dato{
.lm_trwhite .lm_lasttd{

.lm_trblack .lm_td_dato{
.lm_trblack .lm_lasttd{

Hope this helps, regards

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