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Is there a limit on enteries for a single directory?

User moon_467 2012-07-16 03:03:14

I have a directory I am using your software, listmanager, to manage. I purchased the 0.3 version and recently discovered the 1.X version. Per your instructions, I exported the directory (almost 1500 entries), uninstalled the old, installed the new, and imported the data. Unfortunately when I imported the data, nothing appears when I view the directory from the front-end. The back-end shows the data. I removed the menu, re-created the menu, and several other things; but could not get the directory to appear. I opted to create a second directory with the same layout, which has 11 fields/columns. As I was manually entering the records, I noticed the directory was showing the records on the front end. I attempted another re-import. I was refreshing the directory on the front-end while the data was being imported and I could see the listings grow. When the import finished, the directory no longer showed on the front end. I began deleting 20 rows from the back-end. I deleted about 60 rows and noticed the directory appeared on the front-end. I began manually entering the deleted 60. I think I manually entered about 30, refreshed the front end, and the directory no longer appears. I went back to the back-end and deleted 40 rows and the directory has re-appeared. The data I am entering is nothing unique--i.e. name, street, city, state, zip, country, phone, E-Mail, web, and fax. The only thing I considered was a limit of your software.

Any help would be appreciated.

Moonsoft support 2012-07-16 10:13:30


List Manager doesn´t have any limits. But maybe there are other limits in PHP: max_execution_time, memory_limit,... You can access to your server log to see if there´s any error. In case PHP were applying any limit, it appears in log file.


User moon_467 2012-07-20 20:19:22

Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the info. The site is hosted and it was easier to ask you the question than the other option. I did manage to get copies of the logs and there was a PHP memory limit issue. Even though I'm displaying 20 rows a page, it seems List Manager is downloading all 1500+ entries, which was causing the memory limit issue. I edited the List Manager file and set the memory limit to a -1 since I don't have access to the PHP.INI file.

Thanks for that.


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