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Configuration menu corrupt

User moon_555 2012-06-07 10:13:16

When I click the configuration menu inside Listmanager, I get an incomplete corrupt page. The full admin template does not load up.
All I see is the following, in the top left hand corner, on a white background:

Date Format
Number Format Decimal Format Thousand Format
Pdf orientation Portrait Landscape
HTML before list

Moonsoft support 2012-06-07 10:21:42


Please send us what´s your Joomla version, List Manager version and if you use special template, modules or plugins in backend.

If you need to send us access to your site, you can create a ticket in helpdesk in Customer access at the top of the page.

(Edit): Editor was not working, even default create article page was crashing. Solved disabling external plugins.

Edited by MSTeam - 10.06.2012 16:14


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