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Full frontend view for SuperAdmin

User moon_456 2012-05-22 21:39:38


I configured LM so that users can see only there own records in frontend. Is there a way for a SuperAdmin that he still can see and edit al user records in the frontend or is that only possible in the backend?

Kind regards,

Davy Conaert.

Moonsoft support 2012-05-23 09:29:57

if your list is configured as 'only user records', that applies also to admin, so he would see only his own records as well. You could create another view of the same list only for administrator, (a private article or menu entry), linked to the same list, and configured as full access, so admin would see all records. But if he edits one of the records through front-end it would become the owner of the record, so if you want to preserve users with their created entries, you should edit them through back-end.

Hope this helps, best regards
Moonsoft Team


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