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Some values are incorrect - Internet Explorer only

User moon_504 2012-05-21 06:19:26

Dear Support,

Thanks for this component. I installed it on my site and its working well. However, I am facing a problem with internet explorer whenever I try to save it says "Some values are incorrect" and it fails to save.

I have discovered that this happens only with internet explorer. I have also found that it happens only when I have a field with type "user"

Could you kindly assist me in making this work with internet explorer too



Edited by moon_504 - 21.05.2012 06:20

Moonsoft support 2012-05-21 13:03:09

that message is related to the form validator, so it must be linked to some required field that validator can't handle. We use default joomla validator code, so it should work with every explorer, but ie sometimes behaves in strange ways. To confirm this, please check if you have any option list or multiple option field marked as required, uncheck this validation and try again.

Thank you, best regards

User moon_504 2012-05-22 14:29:48

Thanks Support,

I discovered IE requires that default list items are changed in order for the a required field to be considered as filled




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