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Problems with loading fields/column

User webmastervgme 2024-05-05 10:29:33


As already mentioned in some mails, we have a problem with the fields/column loading and saving from a joomla table. See your comment in one of the latest mails:
''ok, with the video we are not able to see the request or the response thrown by your server, but given the huge amount of time the fields page took to load we assume there are a big number of fields at your table,so we think you may be facing any restriction about the number of variables your server allows to handle in a single request. For ex, the


setting can be restricting the request, thus throwing an error and making the save function fail. It's just a guess, if you are able to provide a temp access we can debug directly at your site and let you know our findings."

I give you the credentials of the superadmin


Moonsoft support 2024-05-06 09:48:08

thank you for the access, we've launched some tests and we have confirmed your server is configured with max_input_vars=4000. You will need to increase this value in order to store all the settings for that number of fields (we have debugged and the request sends about 4200, so we suggest to increase to a safe value at least like 6000 for ex.)

You can view this setting at your system configuration
Scrolling down to the Core section->max_input_vars variable.

Best regards
Moonsoft Team

User webmastervgme 2024-05-08 14:51:39

The problem is solved. Thanks very much!!!


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