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Datetime selection

User Henryxml 2024-03-17 14:51:07

Dear Team,
I selected in field Columns Typ 'Datetime'. Date is fine but the time is always reset after saving to 00:00. (G-i), Tried different options. Could you please assist? also Aim missing just the time option.

Regards HM

Moonsoft support 2024-03-18 09:46:03

probably you have created your database table column typed date (without the time part), so everytime you save data it discards that part. You can check and change it using your db manager, but anyway we have just uploaded a version that will allow you to change the database type to datetime using the 'edit DB table' option. Save that column to datetime and try to save data again.

Regarding your suggestion at this time there is no type 'time' to be created from LM, so in case you already have a column typed 'time' at your database, you can configure it as 'text' for the front-end handling. Another way to have it working and still use the html input type would be to keep the database type as 'time', set the listmanager column as 'datetime', and hide the date input part from the form using css styles, that way users would only see the 'time' input. You can do it adding a custom css class to the column, (Fields/columns->select column->display tab->css class), for ex:


and then add the css style at the Css configuration:

input.hidedate {


We think a way to directly create from listmanager a database column typed time would be useful, so we'll add it to future versions as well.


User Henryxml 2024-03-18 15:18:49

Dear moonteam
thank you , as usual, for the quick response and action done. :D . I dont have any databasemanager and knowledge and rely on your kind help. The new LM version offers datetime and it works. Just a question in Listview it shows me 18/03/2024 17:34. In Tableview 2024/03/18 17:34:00. How could I change it like in Listview?? Regards HM

Moonsoft support 2024-03-19 08:05:30

the date format is set at the display settings:

This configuration changes the format to be shown at the table cell, but not sure which is the 'tableview' though, can you please explain?

Thanks, regards

User Henryxml 2024-03-20 15:23:30

Hi All
set in display day format: d-m-Y and Time format to: H-i. Since the hickup with funny time and days are over. My fould sorry Moon team. And thank you

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