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How to configure the data layout for the frontend without changing the backend manage data?

User Marc 2024-02-20 14:13:48


I'm new to List Manager and I'm gradually getting the hang of it but I'm still stuck on a few things.

First of all, I would like the frontend published page not to display a "New" and "Edit" buttons but I still want them in the backend Manage data to be able to add new entries there. I read posts in the forum referring to different views but I don't understand how to go about it.

I also have trouble adding photos to an entry. I set up a photo field in html type but I can't make it work. I would need to add photos which are already in my Joomla media folders. Is that possible?

I updated LM with the latest release (5.3.2) and I'm running Joomla 4.4.2.

Thank you for your help.

Marc Z

Moonsoft support 2024-02-20 15:18:01

starting from Joomla4, the way to create different views from the same table has changed. Once you have configured your list for one profile (for ex, for administrator, with 'add', 'delete' ...etc, you can create a different configuration for other profile selecting the list->copy, and then removing the edition rights from the layout of this copy. This second list is the one you can publish for your front-end users in case you don't want them to modify information.

Regarding images, you have 2 options to configure this field. You can use the type 'upload', and then at the edition form you will be asked to upload a file (not limited to images) from your localhost, and then at the table users will get a 'download' button. Or, as you say use the html type. In this case the editor will show with the options you have configured at the editor plugin, and normally at the toolbar you will have a specific icon to insert an image. If this icon doesn't show, we suggest to double check your editor configuration to ensure this option is enabled for your user profile. Please let us know if you can't get it working and we'll help you to move forward.

User Marc 2024-02-20 16:03:38


thanks a lot for your reply. I got it for the frontend view. However, if I don't add a "new" or "edit" button and I still want to have a "Detail" button, the checkbox to select an item disappears in the frontend and I can't select an entry to get the detailed view of it. I hope I'm making myself clear.

I tried inserting an image following your "html" explanation but once I add the photo, the "save" button doesn't work anymore, which means that I can't confirm the change. Kind of odd, isn't it? I saw that the html box is powered by Tiny. My default editor is JCE. Does that account for the issue?

Thanks again for your help.

Moonsoft support 2024-02-21 10:23:50

ok, you should get the checkbox even if you don't have the new/edit options enabled(unless you have set the detail to show when the record is clicked, at the 'detail layout' settings). Please upgrade to the latest version, there are some changes and js fixes regarding the buttons, if your issue is related to any js conflict you may see it solved. Please edit your layout, remove the 'detail' button from the toolbar and add it again, so its internal configuration can be refreshed.

Regarding images, the editor must work even if you set another default custom editor for your articles, we have just tried with the jce and we have the photo working here, can you please add a helpdesk ticket so you can upload a screenshot of the image configuration you're trying to save?

Thanks, regards

User Marc 2024-02-21 11:44:50


After upgrading to the latest version of LM and removing the button and then adding it again, the checkbox is now there with only the "detail" button. So that's solved. Thank you.

I will post a helpdesk ticket to upload a screenshot of the image issue with the "save" button that doesn't work. I tried again after upgrading without success.
Thanks again.

Marc Z


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