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File Upload field questions

User daduts 2023-10-14 21:07:11


List manager newbie here.

I haven't found any documentation for your File Upload field capability. Am wondering if I have it setup properly and am using it correctly.

I've created a list with 3 fields, ID, a text area field and a file upload field.

The ID and test area appear to be working properly.

- I click New on my data table. I'm taken to the form page.
- I enter text into the text area.
- I hit the browse button and select a file. A progress bar gives the appearance that the file uploads.
- I hit save
- I go back to my table and refresh.... the ID is properly incremented and text area is saved correctly, there is nothing in the file upload field.
(I checked my db with php admin and confirmed that field is empty

I have the file upload field setup as a text field in my db.

What I'd like is to be able to see a linked filename in my table. Is that the appropriate expectation ?

A couple more related questions....

- After submitting my form I'd like to redirect to a refreshed version of the table..... how could I do that ?

- where are the uploaded files stored ? is there a place to set that folder ?

Many thanks


Moonsoft support 2023-10-16 10:27:01

we have rechecked this function and it seems to be working without problems here. With that same configuration, after submitting the form, you should be redirected to the updated table, and the column attached to the upload should show an icon linking to the file. The uploaded file should be stored into

As a first step we suggest to check if that folder has the proper permission rights so the upload is allowed. If this is ok, please place a private ticket at the helpdesk sharing an url where we can try and debug directly at your site, so we can track the function and let you know if there is any conflict and how to fix.

Thanks, best regards

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