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Can upload file function delete previous file when i delete the list in table or update new file?

User jcoders 2023-08-27 04:12:20

Hi , currently I am using LM4 to list out my file upload . however I notice when I delete the list or update the file in table. It did not remove the previous file insert in the system. is there any ways or setting to also remove all those unused/previous file when i delete the list in table ,?

Moonsoft support 2023-08-28 09:09:18

if you delete the List Manager 'list', what you're removing the data manager created by the extension, but the real database table and its records are still there. If you need to remove the real records of the table, you need to use the option Manage Data-> Delete all records/empty table. This option will keep the database table structure but it will remove all records inside.

Hope this helps, regards

User jcoders 2023-10-18 05:48:42

sorry but what I means for previous file is the actual file store . did the file also deleted from server when click delete button? or upload new. because i have limit size of storage and don't want to keep unused file store in my system after delete data

Moonsoft support 2023-10-18 10:58:47


at this time that function is not available, sorry. But we think its a good point to include in future versions, not as an automatic proccess but as a new configuration parameter, because we have some use cases where users won't want to remove those files even if the db record is deleted. We include it at the development queue so you will see the new configuration parameters in future releases.

Thanks for the feedback, best regards

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