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List not appears in List manger

User moon_391 2012-03-30 15:59:14

We remove the container console error form the page and still we are facing issue on this page. Now we have still one console error on this page which is
$(“_lisr_adminform”).task id undefined
This error is appear on line no. 1441 in modules/mod_listmanager/tmpl/content.php this files
Please help us to sort out this issue.

Moonsoft support 2012-03-31 10:31:25

checked again your site, and we see the previous errors have dissapeared, however, you still have any conflicting library added without using noconflict instruction. We see for ex at least these examples:


Just below each import of jquery library, the noconflict line should be added, because jquery prevents joomla core library mootools from executing otherwise, and it's needed for listmanager functions.

You can try to include the lines for each jquery import you find. In order to locate extensions/plugins causing this issue, you can also try for a while to work with default template, disabling external plugins/modules, at this state the extension will work. If you enable some component, for ex, cu3er, and starts failing, then a noconflict line is missing at the code of that extension, you just have to look for the script import of jquery and add the noconflict line just below.
To follow up with this issue, please place a ticket at helpdesk, because it's easier to place code lines there.

Thank you, best regards

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