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List option in LM4.1.14

User aliwari 2022-03-28 20:36:10

Hi MSTeam,
I applied SQL query in the multiple values for Fields/Columns as bellow
SELECT filed_id FROM `table_name ` WHERE 1
when add new record or edit inline in front page , the list open and can show a selected menu but nothing to show there its just blank menu
I tested the query in Sql server its working fine and can show the data already stored in that filed.
is there anyway to fix this please ?

I also wonder if I can have an entire build in search/orderable in the option list can, it can show on top when click to choose value from the option list.
I think this is really needed especially if the list value to choose is long, it will help the user to select the value quickly



Moonsoft support 2022-03-29 10:19:04

please note you will need to select 2 fields from your table in order to recover both the 'value' and the 'text' for the combobox option. If you want to show and store the same value, you can use the same field from your source table, this way:

select column as id, column as value from table_name

If you only select one column, the options will be filled, with different option values, but with an 'empty' text for each one, maybe this is the result you're getting at your field.

Regarding filter, you can freely create any number of filters for your list, with different types to choose from. You need to create the filter at Display->filters configuration, adding your field, and selecting the filter type 'select'. Then you can add your filter to the main list display in order to publish it at the front end.

Hope this helps, regards

Moonsoft support 2022-03-29 10:40:27

An yet another option to search text within your fields, you can mark your field as 'broad' search (instead of 'exact'). That way users don't need to type the entire text at the search field in order to find results.


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