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User mediaholic 2022-02-20 20:52:49

I have a few questions regarding the use of the extension :)

1: after having configured the 'email' field with the type 'text' and put validation at 'email' I can enter any text (without format email @) it is accepted and displayed in the table. how to validate the 'email' format when typing? (with error if there is no @ for example)

2: how to change the order of the fields once they have been created? ex: email after address or name

3: I created a 'query' type field in order to display the sum of 2 other fields, unfortunately after several attempts of sql queries, the field does not display anything (empty) : I use the prefix of my Joomla’s table in the query ( joomlaPrefix_myListName ) and no-prefix for the field names (field1+field2) ex:
SELECT Id, field_text_6 + field_text_5 FROM gf50x__MaList Id field_text_5 + field_text_6 table contains about thirty (30) fields, any idea to display it correctly in fronted?

Thank you for your responsiveness and valuable advice.

Moonsoft support 2022-02-21 11:01:34


1. There was an issue with email validation in Joomla 3 version. Please upgrade to latest version 2.7.4. If you use Joomla 4 version email seems to be working, but also you can add yoyr custom validation in 'Custom Validation' options at 'Data/Values' tab in your field.

2. You can set the order in your table using 'Order' (J3) or 'Column Order' (J4) number on each field.

3. As your list name is not a real db table you can perform the operation using this query:

select ##field_text_6## + ##field_text_5## from dual

Please note each field must be enclosed with ## in order to be replaced with the actual record value

4. Maybe you can display a short number of fields in the table and use the Detail option for the others.

Thanks. Regards,

User mediaholic 2022-02-21 14:16:34

thank you for your quick and efficient answers.

Answer1: you mean version 2.7.4. for Joomla 4x ? 'cause I am workink on a site with Joomla 3.10.4 & listManger 2.7.3
answer 2 is ok.
answer 3: i will test..

answer4: 'use the Detail option' ? where can i find this option please?
many thanks

Moonsoft support 2022-02-21 16:11:45


1: For Joomla 3 latest version is 2.7.4
4: Detail option is a way to include fields in a modal view. First, you should add fields in "Detail layout" in your list (similar configuration page than the one used to define the form layout). Then, you should enable Detail on list at your 'Listing Configuration' and in 'Front view config' tab, set 'Show Detail on Row click' to Yes. Once saved, every row show detail modal with its information on user click.

Thanks. Regards,

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