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Filter bug

User ploten 2022-02-02 11:58:35

I have a field COLOR with type Option List
There is 3 options
Values - Names
1 - Red
2 - Blue
3 - Green
So in database I have only values 2,1,3,1... in this field
And when I place Filter in Data Layout there is no Names of the values in select list, there is values 1,2,3!!! And they don't work! No filtering! After choosing any of them Table become empty!

Edited by ploten - 02.02.2022 12:18

Moonsoft support 2022-02-03 10:03:41


Can you please upgrade with latest version 4.1.11 and try again?. There are some changes regarding filters included.

User ploten 2022-02-03 21:47:42

It works
Thank you


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