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Problems with new Version of Listmanager

User franky466 2021-11-21 18:43:49

Hi Moonsoft-Team
I've been using Listmanager for years with Joomla3 without any problems
I have some problems with the new Listmanager and Joomla 4
Before updating to Joomla 4 and Listmanager 4x, I want to test and learn. For this I reinstalled Joomla4.0.4 and Listmanger 4.0.6_40.

2 problems.
I can't find an ACL for the table.
I cannot create a menu item for a table.

The test table is only visible via a module and can also be edited (super user) .... but I cannot find any settings for other user groups and also no possibility of creating a menu item for the table

Regards franky466

Moonsoft support 2021-11-22 11:42:56

right, as the new List Manager 4 also integrates all functions coming from Table Manager 3, there are some configuration changes that you need to take into account. Regarding the menu item, now you have a module, so in order to publish same way as you had (as a component), you need to create a new article, create the menu item publishing that article, and insert the module inside the article. This is made using default Joomla functions, setting the module position to a custom one, for example 'mylist', and then inserting the module inside the article content using the tag:

{loadposition mylist}

or, use the new joomla 4 options for the editor 'CMS content'->Module


The main change regarding configuration is how to handle the different profiles and permissions. Now several lists can be created linked to the same database source, so you can create several different configurations. Let's say you have a couple of different permissions for the same list, read only for standard users and with edition funcions for superadmin. You would create:

2 different list managers, liked to the same table, one configured as readonly (no edition buttons included at the 'form layout'), and another one with edition rights.
2 different modules, each one with a custom position, and included into 2 different articles
2 different menu items, one for the 'readonly' version, allowed for normal users, and another one visible only for superadmin.

This way you can create all combinations of permissions/profiles needed, that you previously configured as acl and 'views'.

Please let us know if you need additional information.

Thanks, regards

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User franky466 2021-11-22 12:09:40

ok thanks, I'll try and give feedback

Regards Franky466

User franky466 2021-11-23 09:40:24

Hi MS team,
it works.

3 more questions.
- I can't find any bullets in the html editor.
- After saving a new data record, the form field does not close automatically. You have to use the back button
- Form field in a modal box no longer works

regards franky466

Moonsoft support 2021-11-23 16:27:53


' I can't find any bullets in the html editor.´

The html editor is not really part of the extension, it uses your default Joomla editor same way you do when you edit an article. Please look into your editor settings in order to configure with options required.

'After saving a new data record, the form field does not close automatically. You have to use the back button'

That's right, at this time this is the implemented behavior, we'll gather some more feedback and we'll automatically redirect to the list if that is the preferred option, that can be included for next release.

'Form field in a modal box no longer works'

Right, now the input form is shown separatedly from the main list view, but working under the same page layout, instead of allowing a modal box, that can cause some issues depending on the template and with the responsive classes of the site.

Best regards

User franky466 2021-11-24 15:04:37

I don't understand the answer about bullet and html editor.
When I edit an article, the TinyMCE has all the icons, including Bullit. Only when I edit a table in the listmanager, another kind of tiny-editor appear.
I don't find any settings in TinyMCE regarding listmanager.

I can give you access and you can test it

regards Franky466

Moonsoft support 2021-11-25 10:38:59

that's rather strange, all the backend editors are not coded inside our extension, they are loaded directly from Joomla configuration. Can you confirm how do you access to that specific editor? If there is any kind of private access involved, you can place a private ticket at the helpdesk and share your credentials there.

Thanks, regards

Moonsoft support 2021-11-25 14:21:28

ok, we checked your page and find out you're using the front end editor, we thought you had problems with the backend section instead, sorry. That editor is a default version of tiny html editor. We have added now the bullets menu into the toolbar, so you can now upgrade to latest version and check again.

Thanks, regards

User franky466 2021-11-25 18:38:04

perfect, it works

Thanks, regards

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