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User Roeske 2021-05-17 16:18:45

In frontend LM shows in the filter input area always "LMPLACEHOLDER" when I use the standard-layout. I only can use standard-layout, because your intgrated layouts only show dark text that is on the black site-template not visible. How can I change?

Moonsoft support 2021-05-18 09:31:44

that text is a dynamic key for translation, following the Joomla default file languages you can change for any other text your prefer. This key will have the structure
LMPLACEHOLDER_XXX where XXX will be the name of the field you have created this autofilter for. So, if you go to your backend and create a new override entry at Extensions->Languages->Overrides you can set

Language constant

and text= the text you want to show as a placeholder.

Regarding styles, if you publish with the default theme, you will find the classes being used here:


If you want to adjust any other theme, you will find their css files at the same path, with the proper suffix, for ex


Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

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