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Looking for a little guidance please

User ckennedy 2020-06-18 00:50:05

I purchased this list manager thinking it would do what I want, but I am struggling and the help is less than intuitive.

I need customers to be able to use a simple drop down list to select a US state.
Once selected, I need to display specific companies that represent the selected state.

So customer for example selects Utah from the list
and 3 reps details display, details are company, multiple tel and email in a nice formatted style.

SO far I have the data inserted into the respective fields, but thats as far as I have managed to get I cannot get the list of states into the system anywhere, seems to be no way to actually create a drop down list.

Anyone know how to do this?

User ckennedy 2020-06-18 01:13:09

ok so im geting closer. Figured out where to add the fields for the list, so thats cool.
Search on the state displays the specfic company for that state, but still no drop down list, and why is the page display so terrible.

Moonsoft support 2020-06-18 10:37:44

ok, maybe the 'search' you're using is the default text search that is included at the list header (it can be disabled if needed). If you want a drop down list containing all your states and make it filter by the proper column, you can configure the column/field 'state' with

Autofilter = select
This will display a new filter toolbar with a drop down containing your states values and will launch the filter accordingly.

There is also another option to achieve this, placing the module 'filter' at any position of your page, here the description of the advanced modules you can use:

Regarding the display, the list uses a fairly plain style, so most of the layout is inherited from your template, but the final result would be a combination. If you get a weird style being applied somewhere, it can be overwritten in order to fix. If you need help with the look and feel you can place a ticket at the helpdesk sharing an url and we can locate the style you need to adjust.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

User ckennedy 2020-06-18 21:27:11

Thanks, I have a multi list setup called territory, in it are all the states. This is set to autofilter select, and it never appears on the front end.
I just cant find the help file that tells me what I need to understand how this works.

All the damn data is their, Ive input it in multiple places now, but I just dont get the drop down filter, and if I insert a state, say arizona in the search box, it finds the records, but all I get are 4 pale grey boxes, empty of any actual data!

Moonsoft support 2020-06-19 10:54:54

there is a general guide and some tips for configuration at the extension tutorial page, here the link:

There are many settings that can be affecting the display, we suggest to check if you have set your fields with visibility=yes, that you have the options

Display filter toolbar and
Launch filters automatically
set to yes at the configuration setup, and finally, check if you can see a different output if you select another different layout at 'show type', using for ex the default 'list table option', just in case you have run into any conflict with your template or any other script working at the same page.

If you still have any problem with the configuration, please share an access to your site at a private helpdesk ticket and so we can check your settings and let you know how to fix.

Thanks, regards

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