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How to build a table with joomla articles and sortable extra fields

User galbur 2019-04-09 09:10:41


Is it possible to build a table with Joomla Articles from a specific Category? With linkable titles (leading to the article) and the possiblity to sort the list with joomla Custom fileds?

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Moonsoft support 2019-04-09 09:44:17

in order to load one list manager list with external data you would need to build a sql query recovering data needed from your other table/s (and building the html text link as well, using the query). Then you can use the 'load data from sql' in order to make a bulk upload of your list manager table with those selected contents.

Please note this is a 'one-way' action, data will be copied once and no further syncronization will occur. If you will need to publish directly live contents from one of your db tables, then you may want to check our 'Table Manager' extension

it offers less configuration options regarding permissions, filters, etc than the List Manager but it allows live publishing of any table of your database instead.

Hope this helps, regards

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