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Display HTML in Detail and PDF Detail

User liam.baker 2018-03-08 15:36:59


When I click the Detail or PDF Detail button the content inside the HTML box is not displayed. I require my engineers to fill in field which details the work carried out, which could consist of 4 - 5 paragraphs.

The TextArea field doesnt seem to be suitable as it takes away all of the linebreaks.

Could you tell me if I am missing something as I can't see this questions anywhere?


Moonsoft support 2018-03-08 17:37:23

just tried to reproduce this way:
- created a field typed 'html editor' called 'myhtml' and filled some info inside
- Configured both layouts (detail layout and detail pdf layout) to show that field using ##myhtml##
- Configured list to show options to show both details, we saw the html content we introduced.

So it should work for you as well, you can create a private ticket at the helpdesk sharing an access, we'll take a look and we'll let you know how to fix.


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