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URL to other Website in Detail Layout

User Recruiter 2017-03-15 14:47:40


We want to link a website in our detail layout. We used the insert Link function but it doesn't link to the website.
We also tryed to set "http://" before the Internal name and it worked but after refreshing the website it will converted into "undefined".

Is there a way to fix this problem or a other possiblity to link the website


Moonsoft support 2017-03-16 10:06:43

the detail layout is configured using an html editor same as the form layout, not sure of which is exactly the 'insert link' function you used. If we introduce at the detail layout the right html, something like:

Link to Moonsoft Site

(replacing the for the html tags), we get a working link to our site at the detail popup. Please note you can set this same html as the cell content as well, so you would have a working link to the Moonsoft site 'inside' the record/field, this would work both at the detail view and at the main table view.

Hope this helps, regards

User Recruiter 2017-03-21 16:47:34


thanks we solved the detail layout problem.
But another problem is that we try to display an email and a website in the front of the table which the user himself types in without make use of html.
So we want that the User types in his E-mail and the Website in the formular layout and afterhe has done that we want that the E-mail is shown as an E-Mail and the Website as an URL.

Hope this is understandable enough

much regards

Moonsoft support 2017-03-21 19:29:47

ok, so your users would introduce the plain text, and you want to automatically generate a link at the table view, right? This option is not allowed by default, but we can share with you a small tweak in order to add extra content to the cells. In order to share code with you without the forum restrictions regarding tags please open a new ticket at your customer helpdesk, paste your question there sharing both the field type you use at your input form for your users (probably the 'text' type), and the Id number of the field you want to modify, you'll find both values at the fields configuration.


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