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Different font sizes for different lists

User balloonfederation 2017-02-08 18:26:14

I have several lists I use with List Manager. Is there a way to set a font size for each individual list (screen viewing)?

Some of my lists have 4-5 field, some have 12. I would like to be able to fit them on the screen.



Moonsoft support 2017-02-09 14:10:22

in order to apply different styles to several lists you can use the 'theme' option. At your component/module configuration you will find 'List Manager View Options', there you can choose among different themes. Each one will include a different css to the page, all of them located here:


depending on the theme the page will load


you can make a backup of these files and copy/rename the one you're using for your list using different theme names. Now you can assign a different theme to each list and edit each css to apply a different font size or any other custom style needed.

Hope this helps, regards

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