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Slow Load Time

User turner 2017-02-08 16:53:37

I am experiencing a very slow load on the pages where I use LM. Almost 12 seconds for the LM data to appear. Is there anything that I can do to improve that time? Please see link below for an example.

Thanks for your Support

Moonsoft support 2017-02-08 17:24:35

we've debugged your page and from here we see all your pages (without LM) can take almost 10 seconds to finish loading, due to several modules, images and scripts loaded, we can do nothing about this first part. Then you have another 10 seconds (approx) at the LM module, but not at the function in charge of recovering data, which is returning inmediately, but for a simple first call that is trying to recover the LM javascript file. It takes about 10 seconds to return with the script, which is needed for further execution.

This is clearly too much, we suggest to first check if you have enabled any plugin/module or template option that is trying to optimize/compress scripts, if so, it's not working properly for this LM script. If you are not able to find any configuration related to this, please place a ticket at the helpdesk, there we can share code and we can suggest some changes like split this file that hopefully can help to speed up things.


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