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Using List Manager data in Joomla Articles

User balloonfederation 2017-01-08 21:07:48

New user to List Manager!

I have a need to produce a page listing our organization's Board of Directors.

Our current page is here:

This is a highly formatted page, and currently requires knowledge of php and html to edit. I would like to make this as easy as possible to edit for a non-programmer after I have it set up.

I would love to retain this 'Article' written with php and pull in data from a List Manager list.

I have a helper that is good with SQL and can help write the code, but we need to know where the data for our list is kept.

Thanks for the help!

Moonsoft support 2017-01-09 10:46:38

we've checked your page, and our suggestion is to create your list using List Manager backend and publish it using the module view inside your article, configuring the list to use the layout 'cards'. This would give you a very close look to the one you have at your custom page, and you'd only need to adjust some css to get same result. If you prefer to go for the manual way and code yourself the frontend, you'd need to query the database and create your custom content. At
#__listmanager_field table you'll find the columns configured for each list and at
#__listmanager_values the values are stored.

Hope this helps, regards


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