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plugin sintax not interpretated / issue with csv import

User ligrex 2016-03-07 19:04:11

Dear Sirs,
I'm using ListManager module with the cards view, its a great component but I'm facing two problems:

1. One of the fields in my list is a download link, which I would like to manage with phocaDownload Plugin, since I used it in other areas of the website.
The problem is that if I insert the code in the field using the plugin sintax it doesn't get interpretated when the page is displayed.
Usually modules have an apposite option to enable the interpretation of plugins code, but cannot find it for ListManager. Is it possible to enable it? Is there another way that allows me to use plugins within ListManager cards?

2. I have a problem also with the CSV import procedure. One of the fields of my list contains a video. Since plugins are not working I'm using standard code from youtube that includes the use of iframes.
I can put it without problems when doing it from the backend, in the editor, since enabled the option to not filter and remove iframes. But when I do the import using the CSV import function of ListManager the code to include the video gets removed. The field when I paste the csv code is a normal textbox without editor and there is not possibility to disable code to get cleaned once imported. How can I avoid the iframe code to get cleaned?

Best regards,

Moonsoft support 2016-03-08 13:55:39

the front view doesn't limit or forbid any execution of any plugin, but most sure the code is not interpreted because the time on which the plugin executes. Plugins usually parse the content of the page before showing it to users (once), and this is surely working with list manager as well. But when the page loads, inner data of the table is not there yet, data is recovered afterwards and refreshed again on each search, filter etc. But for these updates the plugin is not executing again, so the tag is not being parsed. You can ask your plugin support if there is a way to make the plugin run for dynamically recovered content (with ajax), and then include it at that point.

Issue #2 must be due to joomla filters that automatically clean html code for user inputs at backend. Please open a new ticket at your helpdesk and paste an example of the code you need to use, we'll send you a code tweak or an update to have this working.



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