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Can not create/edit description of listing

User Charly2015 2015-11-20 11:08:47

Hi guys,

with v2.2.2 I created a listing with description.

After the update to v2.2.3 I can no longer edit the description of that list. The editor with the old text appears, I can modify it, but after "save" it is back to the old text.

When creating new lists, the description disappears once the "save" button is pressed.

Possibly related observation:
When I am in the list create/edit mode and press "save", I see this message that says "do you really want to quit this page?" (I see it in German, so it is a rough translation).

Normally this message only appears on certain web pages, when I try to leave a not-yet-completed form without pressing the "save" (or similar) button.

Funny: Adding/changing "Fields", which is part of the same "Listings:Edit" page DOES work.

More precise bug testing:

The "do you really want to quit?" warning does NOT appear when
- entering a new list name + "save"
- adding new fields + "save"
It does ONLY appear when
- entering a description for the list + "save"

So, this warning and my described bug are linked!

...and the bug was already there in v2.2.2

(Don't ask me how I ever managed (just once) to create a list that DOES have a description...)

Any hints?


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Edited by Charly2015 - 20.11.2015 11:55

Moonsoft support 2015-11-20 21:09:29

this seems related to new versions of joomla editors. Please download latest version 2.2.4 and try again to save.

Thanks, regards

User Charly2015 2015-11-21 00:09:25

Cool. Saving description works now!

However the confusing message "Do you want to quit the page?" when hitting the "save" or "save and close" button still remains.


Moonsoft support 2015-11-23 10:45:07


The "do you really want to quit?" warning message is not part of List Manager component. Maybe this message is displayed by any plugin/component/theme installed in backend. We suggest to try to disable for a while any plugin regarding form save.



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