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Date: y-m-d --> 15-11-18 BUT: yy-mm-dd --> 1515-1111-1818 ??

User Charly2015 2015-11-18 17:46:41

Hi guys,

Backend: Configuration: Front view config: Date format: y-m-d

then: Backend: Manage Data: New

--> my field of type "today" appears filled with 15-11-18

Quite okay.


Configuration: Front view config: Date format: yy-mm-dd

then: Backend: Manage Data: New

--> my field of type "today" appears filled with 1515-1111-1818

Could this be a BUG?


Edited by Charly2015 - 18.11.2015 17:47

User Charly2015 2015-11-18 18:27:17

ah, obviously a mismatch between help text and reality:

in controller=listing&task=config under the big blue "help" button there is a link to "date format" stuff that explains what I see.

(actually your link is broken, but the info can be found here:

I was misled by the "date format" help text accessible in Front View Config: "date format info"

Here it is claimed, e.g., that y means 15 and yy means 2015.

So, my problem solved, but may be you want to fix your help text ;-)


User Charly2015 2015-11-18 18:38:53

Hmm, sorry for speaking to myself all the time ;-)

Actually it is NOT solved.

According to the format string mapping in the link quoted in previous message,

Y-m-d H:M should yield something like "2015-11-18 18:32"

This is not the case. In the backend data create view I get the correct date+time when using Y-m-d H:i as format string

When checking the resulting entry in the frontend, what I read is "Y-11-18 H:i"

So, there is a DIFFERENT mapping of date format string used in frontend view compared to backend view...

Moonsoft support 2015-11-19 13:42:31


first of all, List Manager manage only dates and not datetimes. Anyway, yes, there is a different date view format in frontend than in backend. Backend uses 'database date format' configuration and frontend uses 'frontend date format' configured in List or in view preferences.

We suggest to download latest version of List Manager where we solved some issues related with date fields.


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