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Default list order not working

User geniusdesign 2015-09-25 01:01:41


I have setted Default list order to field "Mês" (Month) but doesnt work, even if I use field options with numbers (like 01 - Janeiro).

The list is always ordered by day when I set deafult list order to month, but with any other field, the default list order works fine.

Id like to set default list order by Months (first criteria) and days after months, like this:

01 | January
18 | January
22 | January
05 | February
12 | Feb...

How can I do this?


Edited by geniusdesign - 25.09.2015 06:07

Moonsoft support 2015-09-25 12:13:46

as your fields are not typed dates but are configured as option lists (texts), the order will be alphabetical, so if you want to order following that 'month' column you would need to set the options (names) as 01- Jan,02-Feb....

The multivalued types are ordering by the name, not the value, although this could be changed using a quick code tweak. Please try to make it work first with the default configuration, changing the names of your months adding the numbers as prefix.

Then you can set the default ordering, selecting as first field the month, and also add another secondary field for ordering (the day). Please double check you have not added any view to this list that may be changing the default ordering.

This is working for us here, so if you have a different behaviour with these same settings, we'd need to check your configuration, you can place a private ticket at backend and share an access to your site.


User geniusdesign 2015-09-25 13:26:06

I tried name value with numbers before month name but order didnt work. With any other field on the list ordenation works fine.

How can I open a private ticket?

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