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Sorting options

User _MSTeam# 2015-09-15 11:17:19

I can't seem to find sorting options anywhere...

User _MSTeam# 2015-09-15 11:21:49

you can enable sorting of the data for your users when they click on each header, this is set at 'fields' configuration of your list. Each field has a switch 'show order' you can set to 'Yes' in order to activate the order function for that column.
If you want to show a default order for your records, you can also go to 'configuration'-> 'front view options' and add one or more columns and their default order (ascending/descending) at the 'Default list order' section.
If you have created views from your main list, each view can also have a different default order based on one or more columns.

Hope this helps, regards


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