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load from csv not working completely

User teddy 2015-07-14 22:11:25

Hi, I'm trying to load values from csv, when it's working it will host ca.2000 records, each one belonging to 1-4 "specializzazioni" (=specializations) .
The required format, according to fields I've put in is:
n.iscr.;Cognome;Nome;Data di nascita;Specializzazione;
The "specializzazione" field is a multiple option (list), already populated by hand with the 6 types expected.
I'm trying to load the file below, it gets imported, but creates empty specializzazione values when it meets multiple values, despite the file being written down according to instructions (For multivalued fields, separate values with a # character, this way: val1#val2#val3).
You can find the file attached here.
Please let me know what I'm doing wrong.
The list you access in the backend under "list data" is not paginated, I can only look at first 20, 30.. 100 or all records... is it only a problem of my installation?
Thanks and regards,

CSV sample:
2221;dfgdfgsa;adsasad;22/05/50;#Cardiologia#Radiologia indirizzo radiologia diagnostica
2867;wxyzdsa;asuiyad;26/10/61;#Cardiologia#Medicina generale

Moonsoft support 2015-07-15 10:12:27


Please download the latest version of LM and upgrade as it includes some minor fixes regarding backend. Please also ensure you are entering at the multivalue csv the values of your options (not the options name).


User teddy 2015-07-16 15:06:14

Thanks, the update solved all the issues

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