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total setting

User moon_1879 2015-06-04 09:35:46


Can you explain to me the function "Total" for "fields setting".
We can choose "sum", "sum & ceil" etc..
But i don't understand how it work.

I have created a view with a table and i want a column whith total for each row.
Is it possible ?

thank you

Moonsoft support 2015-06-04 09:42:40

the total configuration allows to add a total row containing the result of the operation per column (it is a 'total' row, not a 'total' column). When you configure one field with total = sum, for ex, and you enable the total row
(check 'Show totals' at page 31 of the quick guide
, it will display a new row below your list containing the sum of all the values of the configured column/s.

There is no way at this time to add dynamically a calculated column using the values of the same row, although it may appear in the future versions as a new type of field.

Hope this helps, regards

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