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Filter functionality

User warrencowan83 2015-06-01 21:13:00

Hi there - i have just installed the component for the first time and i want to be able to have my list searchable using one particlar list field - i have about 1000 items on the list

when i use filter - the list has to display before i can use the filter options, so that is no good if the list does not show on first load!!

Am or doing something wrong or is there not a way to filter the items unless the list is visible on page load - this become a bit tricky with 1000 items

Moonsoft support 2015-06-02 09:09:02

yes, it works that way. You can decide if you want to show or not the list by default, using the configuration->front view config 'Hide records on first load?' parameter. For this cases, as you don't want users to see additional information, the individual filters per column that are shown inside the table are also hidden. This option is intended to force users to use the search field before accesing the information, you can also configure the columns that you want the search field apply to.

In any case, there is no problem if your list has 1000 or 10000 records, the table will display your list with a pager (also configurable at module/component configuration), so you will always have a quick load of the first page.

Hope this helps, regards


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