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SQL Upload a int(1) field

User bwls103 2015-03-25 22:48:19

The table I am trying to load ends with a field 'active' that is a 1 digit integer field. It will not load into my list. I have tried Yes/No type (0=No, 1=Yes), number field with and without decimal set to 1 (can't find an explanation of what decimal means) and it just will not load.

I am sure this is just a growing pain but I need to solve the issue. Thanks.

Moonsoft support 2015-03-26 09:30:44

for uploading a 0/1 value you should type the column as number (decimals is the number of decimal places you want to store, so it should be set to 0 for this case).
If you type the column as Yes/No, then the value you should load is Yes or No (text).
We were able to upload the numeric column without problems, can you please provide an example row of the csv or the query you're launching for the upload?. You can place a private ticket at your helpdesk if you don't want to share data here.

Thanks, regards

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