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Forms not being saved

User bwls103 2015-03-25 16:06:46

I just started with List Manager so this may be a user problem. I have a list populated with data. Now I want to set up a form and a detail layout. I found out that I need to toggle the editor (JCE) from the HTML view to the text view and back then it saves the lists as expected.

How do I provide a linkable field in a list to select a detail form of an individual record for viewing or editing?

So far I am impressed.


Moonsoft support 2015-03-25 19:22:18

the issue with layout can be an specific editor problem. Can you test for a while if the same happens when using default tinymce or codemirror editor?

About the detail/edit, you can enable the link to detail icon at 'configure access control'. There you can choose which group of users are allowed to use the detail or edit form, even restrict specific fields for edition. You should save this configuration at least once.

You can also configure the detail to show on each row click at
configuration-front view config-show detail on row click.

Hope this helps, regards

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