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List Manager with Joomla 3.4 - Front end

User kmendis 2015-03-18 10:25:14

Just installed List manager successfully and created the first list - no problem
Just one question regarding FIELD types
How can I enter a URL as a field type and get a clickable link from the front end?

How to get the list displayed from a MENU and a page?
Can you point to a brief step by step instructions?

Used guide I downloaded V 1.2 sees different from what I see in my admin backend in Joomla 3.4
The issue is from Page 30 - Publishing module
Although it says to create a new Module called list manger when I went to module manger There were 4 different List manager modules already created

Thank in advance


Moonsoft support 2015-03-18 12:42:17

in order to introduce html at your list you should type the field as 'HTML editor'. That way you will be able to introduce links or any other html content inside your cells.

To display the list at a menu, go to your joomla menu manager->add new menu item

select menu item type=List Manager and select at the options the list or the view created with list manager that you want to show at that page.

If you prefer to publish as a module, you can also create a new module or reuse the one called

ListManager Module

Select the list/view to publish and you're done.

The other modules are the search, form, and filter that you can use at any page containing a list manager list.

Please let us know if you need more help with this.


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