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List Manager Column Width? Wrapper Width?

User 2015-03-11 21:43:36

Hi, I've installed List Manager and it is setup and working. However, the wrapper or frame its in spills over to the right too far. I've tried looking at different css files but none of them seem to have any effect when I make edits.

I'm trying to reduce the width of the columns so it fits better on the page, or decrease the size of the wrapper its in.

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Moonsoft support 2015-03-12 09:44:51

at listmanager css there are no margins or paddings configured for the container, and the container is just set to width="100%", you will find

#lm_wrapper {}

style at mod_listmanager/assets/css/lmbootstrap-default.css

You can add

#lm_wrapper {width: 400px !important;}

for ex to override any external styles.

Also that space can be caused by any style inherited from your template,so you can search if you have at your template any property regarding divs with class 'container' or 'moduletable' and try to adjust there.

About columns style, you have available one specific class per column to set new properties if needed. You can add to the css the classes




} set the width or any other style.

Hope this helps, regards

User 2015-03-12 17:25:15

Thank you, that works. I changed it to a percentage instead of a fixed px size so it would resize better when the browser window was resized. But that was exactly what I needed. thanks!

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