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Storing data in different tables

User taxwebmaster 2015-02-26 18:04:59

I really like LM, especially it's simplicity. It's much better than other extensions I've used. I have a question about db tables. It appears that LM stores all the data/values for all lists in one table called _listmanager_values. On my sites, I will have many lists and some lists have many records (several thousand). I'm worried that this table is going to get very large and if the db table gets corrupted, I'll lose everything for all lists. Is it possible to choose a separate db table for each list? Not the configuration or views, but just the data/values. Or would this be a customization? Thanks.

Moonsoft support 2015-02-27 09:30:45


In mysql, it's very unlikely that you reach any table size limit unless you handle many thousand of millions of records. If you're worried about table integrity, you can launch more often backups of this table.

Split data in several tables depending on list should require a custom version. If you're interested, please place a ticket on helpdesk and we'll give you quote and delivery time.


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