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filter email inputbox width is very small

User moon_1910 2015-01-29 17:34:17

template provider said.. css comes from the extension... why would you guys set columns to 5 and then give them a width of 41.6667%?

how to fix this.. please..

Moonsoft support 2015-01-30 13:27:29

sorry to tell you we don't agree at all with your template provider. You can see default look of send email section and input here:

Any change from this default view is caused by styles inherited from your template. col 5 with width 41.665 is default/basic bootstrap 12 columns grid system, we don't see nothing to fix there, any other value would be wrong according to the spec. But the final look is a combination of the template+internal css of the extension, some adjustement to listmanager css also can do the work, if your support suggested you to change that value, no problem, edit the css and put the value they told you or play with different sizes, you're free to customize your layout to suit your needs.

Once you have it at the debugger, you can change the value there, until you see your layout as preferred before editing the real file.

You already have at your screenshot the name of the file to edit and you pointed the value to change. You will find all css files at this folder:


the stylesheet applying is the theme you have configured from your backend, per your screenshot seems you're using:



Hope this helps,

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