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tools and filter layout not like in the demo

User moon_1910 2014-12-25 05:36:06

is there an easy way to adjust the layout?

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Moonsoft support 2014-12-26 09:41:37

your site doesn't seem to be available at this time, please share a valid url for showing the listmanager front end and we'll take a look, the most common issue here is that your template may be affecting the inner style of the toolbar.


User moon_1910 2015-01-03 03:15:33

how and where do i change the settings for these:

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Moonsoft support 2015-01-05 09:55:48

you're seeing that layout because you have a small space at your template so the responsive layout is using more than one line to fit. If you place your list on a wider space or you will surely see the toolbar on its default state as it shows on the demo.

We can see there is a style="display:none" at the search section, which is not part of our code. If you didn't modified LM source, then something at your template, (maybe any plugin content or any script at your template) is hiding it, you can change the template for a while in order to find out if this is the reason so you can correct.

If you need to customize your layout, the extension follows the standard joomla mvc, so you can overwrite the layout, here official information:

you can change the responsive toolbar for an static html table for example, changing ul/li for table/td should do the work. The code of the toolbar is located at this file:


About the link to the other list, you will need to check if you placed the right configuration to the link. You will need a valid 'url list' to be a right url to a page where the destination list can be found. Also select the destination list name and the field where the value of this column matches with the linked column.

Finally, about the long text, it behaves as a normal html table cell, splitting the text in several lines. You can customize your columns size again using a css class. You can set a fixed width:x px; for each column so you can arrange better your different columns.

Hope this helps, regards

Moonsoft support 2015-01-05 10:06:23

we also found your template is adding some styles to some bootstrap sections that are causing the slight missalignment of the toolbar. For ex:

/templates/rt_hadron/css-compiled/bootstrap.css is adding a margin of 5px to the buttons:

.navbar .btn .navbar .btn-group{

this is why 'add' or 'show all' are a little bit down at the toolbar.


User moon_1910 2015-01-18 00:37:11

I have tried at different template, still the same:

The only section is maintain is the filter buttons... why can you guys just make the top and bottom buttons like the filter buttons... it works for all template...

Moonsoft support 2015-01-19 10:09:57


The toolbar is made using responsive classes according to the majority of our users suggestions and due to the fact that you can enable/disable some sections for the view. Default layout for the toolbar is the one you can see here :
If your buttons show in a different layout or alignment is due to styles inherited from your template or any css present at the page.

You can try the list using default joomla template to confirm it shows as expected, so you can ask for support of your template css to your template provider in order they can help you to adjust.


User moon_1910 2015-01-19 20:57:12

yes i had bought a different template and it looks great :D at


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