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view list details by registering account and his/her detail only

User moon_1910 2014-12-24 08:48:17

how to let the users view the the details of the list by registering their account when they try to click the details and and view only their information base on the list he/her trying to view...

Moonsoft support 2014-12-24 09:35:58

you can restrict some information and functions based on users, or based on user groups.

For users:

If you add to your list a field typed 'user', it will record automatically the owner of the record. Then you can choose if you want users only see and edit their own records, or if you want them to see all records but only edit their own. This is configured at menu or module parameter 'access control' under List manager main options section.

For groups:

You can set the list access control to select which columns do you allow to edit, if you want to allow add/delete records or if you allow to see the detail for each joomla group. You will find this config page at list 'Configure access control' menu.

Hope this helps, regards

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