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User moon_1881 2014-11-24 17:42:30

Hi, I just recently purchased the List Manager module and it has been working great so far. However I have three question I hope you can help me.

1. How do I allow user to search by press enter instead of requiring them to click on the search button?

2. I enable the List Manager search plugin, but the search result only display the list that contain the data, it doesn't show the content of the list where the data is located. It would be nice if it can display a hyperlink directly to the search result page of the corresponding list that contain the data. Please let me know if it's possible.

3. I have a list of pager number, and I would like to add a html field after each record so it will pre-populate a email with the pager number already included in the sender email address. Is it possible?

Thank you.

Moonsoft support 2014-11-25 10:18:32


1. This feature was implemented some versions ago. Please download the latest release.

2. Search plugin display the list containing the data and a hyperlink to this list if it's set 'Search Link' in 'List Manager search options' in your menu/module configuration. List Manager search plugin will redirect to this link once it founds any result, but list linked won't be pre-filtered.
We think this could be possible but would need some custom code in component and plugin.

3. This would also need a custom coding.

We could build a custom component with your requirements. Please send us an email with details of point 3, and we'll get back to you with a quote and delivery time.

Thanks. Regards,

User moon_1881 2014-11-25 15:11:28

Thank you for your reply. Regarding to question one, I find out that if I use chrome the search works by pressing enter. But if I use IE9 or IE11 it doesn't seem to work. I can reproduce this on several computer. Is there a fix for this? Thank you.

Moonsoft support 2014-11-26 09:28:27


Sorry, but we tested here in IE and seems to be working. Please add a ticket in helpdesk with URL and we'll take a look.



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