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Multiple "Views" of the same list for the same user

User moon_1851 2014-11-01 16:24:44

at first let me say that this is a very nice component and its seems rather easy to use. However, I wonder if the following can be done using ListView or if this is not possible yet:

I have a "long" table with many Fields (Name+ Group fields, Adresses+contact info fields, Membership Info fields and Achievements fields). All users of a specific Usergroup should have the right to view and edit all fields.

But: I would like to have three different views of the same list using the same data table in the background:

Name+Group + Address/Contact for Address Management
Name+Group + Membership Info for Membership Management
Name+Group + Achievements for Achievement Management

Ideally I would like to have three Joomla menus where the user can pick which "view" of the list he likes to see. The only difference between the "views" is the number of columns shown, everything else is identical.

I understand that there is a scrollbar if there are many columns but I would rather only show the columns needed for the specific task, that makes it much easier for the users to interact with the table.

If this is not possible: Is there an option to get the edit/delete/... Buttons at the left of a list rather than at the right so that the user doesn´t have to scroll to the end, which is fine for small lists, bit in my case a bit awkward.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.
Any help appreciated.

(I am using the current LM version on Joomla 3.3.6)


User moon_1851 2014-11-01 16:29:08


I can at least answer my second question (RTFM):
In the configuration the "Tool column position" can be set to 1.

This is nice!
-- Nevertheless, if someone has an answer to my first question, I would be grateful


User moon_1851 2014-11-01 21:15:58

Ok, and I finally found the "views". I probably shouldn´t have downloaded the German trasnlation, I was so hard trying to look for "View" I overlooked "Ansicht".

So - everything solved - sorry, next time I´ll spend more time reading the manual.

Very nice component, indeed.

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