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User moon_1808 2014-09-17 13:41:45

So I am trying to use List Manager to create a thésaurus.

A thesaurus entry looks like the following :

Name of owner (the thesaurus it belongs)

Smell description
Sight description
(other senses description)

example of use

And that's pretty much all that I need to display for each entry.

I wanted to use List Manager to make a list of all the entries with a short description... but I can't figure at all how to even screen a simple list I made to try the module...

Could someone tell me how to start this so I can do it please?

Moonsoft support 2014-09-17 20:24:29

the basic steps to create the view are:

- Create a new list
- Enter the name of your list, and go to tab fields. There you must add all the columns you need to show for your table and their types (you can set text columns, html columns...depending on the content you need to show). Ensure you set at least one column set as VISIBLE.
- If you need to add a form to add/edit fields, you must enter any 'form layout' to configure the input form, in order to only show records this is not needed.
- Go back to main options and select 'manage data'. Here you can load the contents of your list using csv or sql.
- Configure access control. Save these options in order to configure permissions for your list.
- If you publish your list you should see the records you loaded, together with all the rest options you enabled.

Hope this helps, regards


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