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load from csv

User moon_1641 2014-05-26 16:20:08

Please can u give me sample data because normally I am used to importing instead of pasting and it's taking so much time doing that and don't seems to be working fine. Is their something I am doing wrong?

Moonsoft support 2014-05-26 17:57:27

not sure if you're doing something wrong without having details of your input data and your listmanager fields configuration. When you access 'import from csv' option you can configure both field separator and break line (default to ; and new line, but you can change them as required). So using default configuration you can load data using this format:


In order to load 2 records of 3 fields each.
The 'format' label above the data will show you the proper order of the columns to be inserted.

Hope this helps, regards

User moon_1641 2014-05-26 18:48:07

still kind of confuse
below is my data

1 ARC. P. A. IYAWE (FNIA) F/103 M/258 8037133876
2 ARC. M. G. CHINWEOKWU (FNIA) F/190 M/226 8023411854
3 ARC. W.N. BRIMMO (FNIA) F/223 M/501 8023346052
4 ARC. E. AIWERIOGHENE (FNIA) F/245 M/996 8037206141
5 ARC. N. BASSEY (MNIA) F/425 M/609 8037274395
6 ARC. J. M. BEKEDEREMO (FNIA) F/530 M/418 8033941546
7 PROF. SIMEON OSUIDE (MNIA) F/946 M/1012 8023402459
8 ARC. (MRS.) E. N. BASSEY(MNIA) F1126 M/1124 8023437566
9 ARC. M. O. ADAMOLEKUN(MNIA) F/1195 M/1233 8033732125
10 ARC. T. O. IKHISEMOJIE(MNIA) /1253 M/1314 8023274716
11 ARC. A.K. ISIWELE (MNIA) F/1418 M/1416 8034249884
12 ARC. P.P. AGONI (MNIA) F/1529 M/1596 8038805733
13 ARC. WILSON OKAKA (MNIA) F1601 M/2469 8023371445
14 ARC. DR. J.E.E AHIANBA (MNIA) F/1615 M/1687 8056412109
15 ARC. CHRIS OMOREGBEE (MNIA) F/1676 M/1722 8037433456
16 ARC. C.C. EGENTI (MNIA) F/1724 M/1811 8053002889
17 ARC. (MRS.) OMONDIALE (MNIA) F/1730 M/1796 8056623348
18 ARC. J. I. OLOMU (MNIA) F/1906 M/1909 8055609244
19 ARC. MOSES AIKPEHAE (MNIA) F/2029 M/1967 8056127629
20 ARC. A. O. OBABORI (MNIA) F/2126 M/2202 8055611909
21 ARC. WILSON A.P. AGBONTA (MNIA) F/2158 M/2222 8033385653
22 ARC. (MRS.) C. ATOHENGBE F/2187 M/2247 8038530206
23 ARC. S. U. OHENHEN(MNIA) F/2263 M/2270 8033578675
24 ARC. A.J.ISIWELE (MNIA) F/2306 M/2379 8035822499
25 ARC. K. O. DIMUNA (MNIA) F/2317 M/2387 8033588957
26 ARC. EDWIN IABOR (MNIA) F/2607 M/2637 8033742534
27 ARC. ANTHONY MOMOH (MNIA) F/2656 M/2730 8033815664
28 ARC. UWAGBOE IKPONMWOSA(MNIA) F/ M/1825 8034738774
29 ARC. T. AIGBOJE (MNIA) F/ M/1883 8033782786
30 ARC. (MRS.) KATE ISOKPUNWUN (MNIA) F/2843 M/ 8023368414

Moonsoft support 2014-05-27 09:44:20


Your data seems to be separated by position, but csv data separate by a distinctive char, for example ;
So, data should look like this:
1;ARC. P. A. IYAWE (FNIA);F/103:M/258;8037133876



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