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View Detail not showing if Menu Item has Allow Changes = No

User moon_1540 2014-04-14 03:20:48

I have an issue using the wonderful 'VIEW DETAIL' feature... When I configure a Menu Item View for ListManager there is an "Allow Changes?" option.

I want mine to be "No" but that seems to stop the 'VIEW DETAIL' icon from displaying??? If I set it to "Yes" then the 'VIEW DETAIL' icon is there.

Looks like a bug?

Moonsoft support 2014-04-14 09:52:40


This is not a bug. Allow changes disable all buttons columns in row, including detail. If you want to see only detail icon, you should configure it using 'Configure access control'.


User moon_1540 2014-04-14 13:29:04

OK thanks - I just didn't think the 'View Detail' option would be classified as a 'Change' and so didn't expect it to be associated with a 'Make Changes' option... but yes, now that I understand that and with your advice that does work. Thanks!


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