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Worried about 'Show All' option

User moon_1540 2014-04-04 04:11:02

Should I be worried about the 'Show All' option when using a list of 1000's of rows?

I appreciate the importance of letting the user select how many records to show.... but I'm worried about the site performance effect of them showing everything with that 'show all' button (or yes, by typing 1000000 too)

Is that a genuine concern? If so do you think it makes sense to switch to a more basic drop down list of say 10,25,50,100 kind of thing?.... or is there I way I can easily HIDE / DEACTIVATE those options on my site? (I see for example on the back-end you can enable / disable many of the export options - but not these display options... unless I've missed it somewhere. I still want to show the pagination and the search feature)

Thanks. It's only my Day 2 using List Manager but I'm loving what I'm discovering!

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Moonsoft support 2014-04-04 10:17:38


Maybe a drop down list could be a good way to show information without be worried about performance in bigger lists. We decided to let user select how many rows want to see. Anyway, we added this to user suggestion list for next releases.

In spite of there´s no configuration to hide/show 'Show All' button (only for all toolbar), you could hide using css. Paste this in any css file:

#lm_tool #lm-navbar-collapse li:nth-child(3) div{

Thanks for your feedback. Regards,

User moon_1540 2014-04-06 00:17:29

Perfect. For now the CSS code to hide it works great for me.

Sometime in the future, an option to have the drop down options and avoid 'List All' would be great (my list will have 1000's of records in it!)


Moonsoft support 2014-04-07 09:06:59

ok, we'll add it to suggestions list for future versions.

Thank you, best regards


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