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Count of records

User moon_992 2013-09-23 15:55:46

Is there a quick way to add a record count to my list?

Moonsoft support 2013-09-23 18:19:38

record count is not printed in any position at the view, but the number itself is recovered among the rest of the data, so if you have some knowledge of js you can add some code in order to have it shown at any point of your page. At this source file:


the counter is available from line 312 (replace for lower/greater than symbols)

//the counter is now at listManager.countData
//here you can introduce an alert with the counter, for ex, or write it in another
//html section of your code
// Test actual page
if (listManager.......

Hope this helps, regards

User moon_992 2013-09-23 18:59:38

Thanks for the info. I got it working with some basic code.. not too fancy since it's for internal use only.

For anyone else who needed this info, here's what I did.

in the content.php file

added this Javascript:

var totaldiv = document.getElementById('total_count');
totaldiv.innerHTML = listManager.countData;
(angle brackets need to be substituted for the regular brackets > for )

then create a div with id of total_div in the editor for the front end... boom.

btw.. this forum is frustratingly basic.

Edited by moon_992 - 23.09.2013 19:03

Moonsoft support 2013-09-23 19:18:39

thank you very much for sharing!. Soon you will see your subscription extended for free, as we usually do with people contributing to improve the extensions or providing solutions for others.


PD: the forum strips anything similar to code, we have suffered a big number of attacks lately, so we try to keep all our gates closed, sorry about inconveniences.


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