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How to make "view detail" option show up

User moon_1186 2013-08-09 23:33:11

I am trying to use this component for creating a list of members for a non profit organization. Basically I want 3-4 fields (fname, lname, business name, email) to show up in a list but then I want to have a "view details" option that will let me see all of the other information about the person (address, phone, etc)

What is the best way to do this?



Moonsoft support 2013-08-10 10:14:00

first, you should create your list containing all the columns, both the main table ones and the detail fields. Mark as visible for the main table only the ones you want to show at the main view from the 'fields' tab. Then go to 'detail layout', and create the detail view adding all fields needed (you can build automatically one-column layout with all fields available, for ex).
And then go to 'configure access control' option and enable detail view for joomla groups required. That should do the work

Best regards

User moon_1186 2013-08-13 01:53:57

Thank you so much! I was about to go crazy because I knew it was possible but some how just missed it LOL! Thanks!


Happy User

Moonsoft support 2013-12-21 16:37:53

This also worked for me! I found you also have to make sure that the "Allow Changes" = Yes in the Module settings, Main Options.

Moonsoft support 2014-04-11 17:53:35


When I add items to the details field how do I specify this. For example I have fields called Address1, Address2, Address3.
What would be the code I have to put into the detail layout to make this work

does not seem to work



Moonsoft support 2014-04-11 19:10:02

in order to show fields at detail view you should use same sintax than with form layout, for a field named Address1 :


Will print the field at the detail. You can also use the helper buttons to build a detail view with all fields included.

Hope this helps, regards

Moonsoft support 2014-04-14 11:30:33

Thanks I realised I did not put the name in the internal name field. All working now.

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