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? Importing existing database ?

User baja_moon_1197 2013-08-06 20:29:27


I have an existing sql database that was created with a similar program as List Manager. It is a simple sql database. I've tried the copy * paste a CSV version, and the SQL - well, " SQL Query to load " is another language for me. The "Help" icon just says "You can use joomla table prefix (#__) in query" - whatever that means.

Is there a way I can import the existing SQL dbase, without having to re-do the whole dbase in to List Manager?


Moonsoft support 2013-08-07 10:18:47

you have to create the fields of your table first using list manager backend. Then you can load data using the csv option, or, using a query to recover records from your database.
In order to load using sql, you will need to create a query, for example if your list has two fields, something like

select field1,field2 from yourtablename

If you are not familiar with sql sintax, then you can use the csv option, export all your table data, and paste it using your preferred separators from fields and rows. Each field will be loading following same order you configured for your fields at list configuration.

Please check quick guide (pages 20/21) to see an example of the two options working.

Hope this helps, regards

User baja_moon_1197 2013-08-15 23:48:18


I have been trying it a variety of ways, and nothing gets imported. Probably me, is this right:
I have a MySql database with 19 rows that include column names. There are 15 fields. This is a customer database that lists names, addresses, phone etcetera of customers.

The dbase was not created with List Manager (LM) though I wish it was. There is a 'Google Map' field. that when an address is entered, the mini map is displayed withing the forms.

There are some 250 listings (250 customers individual data).

The goal is to import the data in to LM, and to allow certain 'groups' to add/edit/delete and a separate access to public that can only search, ~not~ add/edit/or delete.

Back to your suggestion. Understanding our needs, do I create a whole new bunch of fields, using the same names already existing, and then import SQL?


Moonsoft support 2013-08-16 11:36:02


Data is only loaded when fields are already created using List Manager backend. So you should add fields to your list at LM before launching the SQL.



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