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plg_listmanager (4 K) won't install

User baja_moon_1197 2013-08-02 01:40:05

Tried the package install. No go. Unzipped pkg and installed one at a time. All OK except, the important one, plg_listmanager.,zip

Can I just unzip it on my comp and FTP the files to joomla folder///admin?

I trie4d the install from directory but "access restricted", and changing permissions did nothing to help.


Moonsoft support 2013-08-02 10:31:46

please note all functions of list manager are included at the component and module. The plugin is only needed to provide a link with the default joomla search function, that's not used in many cases. Anyway, the plugin should install separately, if you're getting a restricted access message, then we'd suggest to check again the permisssions, but not of the folder where you're installing from, but of the joomla\plugins folder itself. The destination folder is the main difference among the plugin and the other parts of the installation, so its permissions can be the origin of your issue.
You can't simply paste the contents inside the folder, because the plugin won't be registered and it won't show on plugin manager.



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