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error when i set more than 10 Items per page

User moon_1065 2013-05-18 09:45:03

i get this errors;

with spinach , mushrooms , onions , tomatoes and cheddar cheese. ","3":"8.95"},{"id":"14","1":" Grilled Chicken Omelet

with grilled chicken breast strips , onions , bell pepper , salsa and cheese blend . ","3":"10.95"},{"id":"15","1":" Ham and Bacon Omelet

with crispy bacon , diced ham , hash brown , tomatoes and cheddar cheese. ","3":"11.95"},{"id":"16","1":" Smoked Salmon Bagel

with tomatoes and cream cheese. ","3":"7.95"},{"id":"17","1":" Croissant Ham Sandwich

Ham, fried egg, bacon, onions, tomatoes and lettuce with Harrisa Aioli. ","3":"10.95"},{"id":"18","1":"Veggie Panini

with tomatoes , basil and cream cheese. ","3":"5.95"},{"id":"19","1":" Turkey Ham Panini

with tomatoes , onions and cheddar cheese. ","3":"6.95"},{"id":"20","1":" Boubouffe Lamb Burger

with grilled focaccia topped with a fried egg and served with fries . ","3":"10.95"},{"id":"6","1":"Liege Waffles

Traditional and authentic belgium waffle infused with pearled sugar and fresh fruits.","3":"8.95"}]}'/>

Moonsoft support 2013-05-18 09:55:44


Sorry but we can´t see any error looking at the data you´ve pasted. If you share your url we can take a look and check if you have any issue with frontend.


Moonsoft Team

User moon_1065 2013-05-18 10:00:24

i dont get columns and rows in front end

i get those codes instead

User moon_1065 2013-05-18 10:09:33

the layout is broken. i dont get cells and columns on front end when i set default items number more than 10

User moon_1065 2013-05-18 11:00:50

i am running the website on mamp. can you answers me pls

Moonsoft support 2013-05-19 10:45:18

we can't reproduce here, so your issue may be related with the data you have introduced. Please share your url in order we can debug, or create a ticket at helpdesk with the export of your data list, and we'll take a look.

Thank you, regards

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